Airport / Photography: Sol Pulquério


Located a few minutes from the main hotels in town, malls, tourist destinations and metropolitan area, International Airport Gilberto Freyre welcomes more than 5 million passengers every year and it is one of the most modern ones in the country.

Besides that, it has got a footbridge which links the aiport with a subway station. In its airline network, new flights are included constantly and Pernambuco has worked hard to improve its capacity to get new tourists and business. Increasing its capacity every year, 2 million tourists, many from Europe and South America, visit the region, rich in popular culture and nature. 

Distance betwenn Recife and other cities/Air journey time till some cities in Brazil and the world:


São Paulo (SP):  2.660km/2h50
Rio de Janeiro (RJ):  2.338Km/2h30
Brasília (DF):  2.135Km/2h20
Belo Horizonte (MG): 2.061km/2h15
Porto Alegre (RS): 3.779km/4h30
Fortaleza (CE):  799km/1h00
Salvador (BA):  842km/1h10
Buenos Aires (ARG):  7h30
Lisboa (POR): 7h30
Miami (EUA):


Frankfurt (RFA): 10h
Panama City (PAN): 7h