For a Day

The tour begins at Marco Zero Square, the scene of cultural Carnival of Recife and one of the main postal cards of the city, there we find the Craft Center of Pernambuco, an area that has a focus on folk art and traditional crafts of the State. At Bom Jesus Street, is the Embassy of the Giant Puppets of Olinda, a place that has a permanent exhibition of giant puppets, popular allegories of the Carnival of Pernambuco and the Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue, first of the Americas. Even in Old Recife Neighborhood, near the Arsenal da Marinha Square is the "Paço do Frevo", a space in order to perpetuate the wealth of one of the main icons of Pernambuco identity - The Frevo - recognized by the Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional Institute (IPHAN) as cultural and immaterial Brazilian heritage, and Museum Cais do Sertão Luiz Gonzaga, a museum that shelter the library and reveres the work of Pernambuco most important artist of all time. Beyond, space provide visitors with an immersive experience in the universe of the northeastern backlands, origin and source of inspiration Luiz Gonzaga.


Craft Center of Pernambuco

Craft Center of Pernambuco / Photography: Sol Pulquério


Paço do Frevo

Paço do Frevo / Photography: Sol Pulquério


In the afternoon you can meet a scenario full of arts and mysticism that will surprise you! Francisco Brennand Ceramic Workshop, located in an old sugar mill, shelters sculptures, panels, paintings and drawings by renowned artist Francisco Brennand. To enjoy the sunset in a different way, meet at Recife, the Capibaribe River, through the Catamaran Ride, contemplating the beautiful bridges in the city.


Francisco Brennand Ceramic Workshop

Francisco Brennand Ceramic Workshop / Photography: Sol Pulquério